I went for a walk after work tonight. I desperately needed to after sitting indoors all day, catching up with paperwork. Although I can see the sunshine outside, my workplace windows are tinted to prevent computer screen glare, so the general effect is of working in a grey gloom. Tough when the sun's shining and the kids and Handsome are still on holiday.

The lambs in the big field up the road from me have got a little older, and a little less worried about passers-by, so I was able to stand and watch them for a while tonight, and get close enough to take some photographs. There was a curious lamb with lovely big transparent ears, who followed me down parallel to the road, obviously trying to work out what I was doing, most of them however, were sleeping off a tough day or catching up with dinner. I found myself talking to them as I walked along the length of the field, lamb anthropomorphism – oh dear. All the lambs around here are numbered to match the ewes – a friend of ours recently came up with the concept of 'lamb bingo'… I wonder if the lambs wonder why people walk past shouting 'House'.

April 09 042April 09 044April 09 052April 09 054

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