Green-eyed monster

I am very jealous.

Mouse had a school geography field trip today, and he and his class spent the day at Drumlanrig in the Scottish Borders. It was primarily a river-measuring trip, so they got to stand in the River Nith while they measured it's width, depth and velocity (they had to do sums for that bit). They all seem to have got very much wetter than I would think river-measuring merited… as in waist-deep wet… but they definitely had a lot of fun in the process, and the sun shone on them, so they were partially dry by the time they got back.

I'm not at all jealous about standing around in freezing cold Scottish rivers.

But, whilst Mouse was standing in the river holding the end of a bit of string, an otter swam past him, and that I am jealous about, because I have never, ever seen an otter in the wild (apart from a dead one, which does not count).

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