Harestanes to Morebattle

The weather forecast for today was absolutely dismal – torrential rain all day, 4mm predicted where we were walking – so we were sorted this morning, with all the waterproof gear ready. Over breakfast (salmon and cherry tomato fritata – very nice) we watched the continual precipitation from the rather large dining room window. Then, as if by magic, as soon as we stepped out of the doors, it stopped! We only needed the waterproofs for about ten minutes of today, and even then, we probably would have managed without.

We spent a lot of today zig-zagging around things – big houses (there's a diversion around Mont Teviot House that even diverts Dere Street – Roman roads are surely supposed to be in straight lines!), river crossings, and fields of corn and oats and barley. All very picturesque, if a bit yellow… We saw swans and a single cygnet on the Teviot – the cygnet was attempting to hide behind a parent, and first thing at Harestanes, before we'd even started properly, we saw three deer in the barley-field – just their heads showing – until I spoke and they ran for it. Handsome was trying to take a photo at the time…

Today we've been walking away from the Eildons (thankfully) and towards tomorrow's hills, which look a lot more lumpy (technical term) and a little forbidding, although that might be because that's where the rain is today. We were slower today – I'm paying for yesterday's speed, and I think for some of the road stretches, and I'm a bit stretched-sore in some muscles, but we still made it to the pub in Morebattle in plenty of time – fourish. The room's a lot more basic than last night, but the shower works so that's really all that matters.

Handsome got all grumpy because I hadn't paid him back for pinching half of his chocolate mint on Friday night (he really shouldn't leave these things unattended), so we had to work out an after-dinner-mint repayment scheme, luckily there were more mints with dinner tonight, because I'd already eaten two out of the three biscuits left in the room…

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