Morebattle to Kirk Yetholm

Straight out after breakfast this morning, and then up Wideopen Hill (great name). it was a lovely walk up to the top of the hill, which is also the halfway point of the whole walk. Tremendous 360˚ views looking backwards (bloody Eildons are still there) and forwards (Cheviots tomorrow, and Handsome says we should be able to see the sea from the top). The walk felt really remote today, there was no-one else in sight on the hill, and little moving in the valleys below (apart from the occasional yellow digger). There were however, lots of sheep and millions of rabbits. The field at the bottom of Wideopen Hill was so under-burrowed (yes I just made that word up) that we felt as though it might collapse if we walked on the wrong bit. I have seldom seen so many rabbit burrows in such a small area.

HalfwayHandsome man sleeping off lunchStopped

Towards the end of the walk we had to cross a field of weird and spooky cows – they all looked at us in odd ways, and then commoonicated with each other behind our backs…

We failed to find anywhere to get money in the Yetholms (we had to pay cash last night and are temporarily bankrupt) so we dropped one of the ruksacs in the "shed" at tonight's B&B and took the bus into Kelso – it cost an absolutely astonishing £4.50 each, so we had to take out extra money to cover the fare…

Kelso was shut. It always is when I go there.

Lovely B&B tonight (the Mill House), we've got a suite with our own sitting room, and there's a big shared lounge downstairs as well. We ate at the Borders Hotel – really good food and beer (it's got a 2009 Camra pub of the year award…), we had a shoulder of lamb that was just melting off the bone. We spent dinner working out the blue-print for the documentary series that will allow us to stop working for long enough to walk some more long-distance footpaths. We don't think we'll be allowed to do it as CPD, so we need another route. Our plan is a documentary about a librarian who uses long-distance footpaths to join independent book-shops together – we've already managed to link Linlithgow, Biggar, Peebles and St Boswells. However, because Handsome can't leave a good idea alone, he added a motorbike (on footpaths?) so that the librarian could be in leather. Obviously he would need to drive said motorbike… And then we decided that there should be an animal (for that ahhhhh appeal) so we could give the cat a little leather flying helmet and goggles and strap him to the side of the bike in a wicker basket… it would be better if the cat started with L, purely for alliterative reasons – librarian, literature, leather, loneliness, long-distance and cat.

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