Kirk Yetholm to Wooler

Today was the day of the low flying jets: we must have seen about ten of them all somewhat closer than felt safe, although Handsome assures me that they have to be at least 500 feet above sea level – not very comforting when you're up a hill and looking down on them! The day was topped off by the one which directly overflew us as we approached Wooler this evening. I don't know how high it actually was, but it felt "not very" as it flew towards me right over Handsome's head. I ducked. So did he!

Today was a day full of pretty moors and hills. I really enjoyed the walking and the views – it was lovely to be finally off roads and doing 'proper' walking on hills. We had a couple of detours, firstly to some very unexciting waterfalls at Hethpool Linn (Hethpool itself was a very beautiful and very tiny Arts and Crafts village), however more excitingly, there were some countryside rangers repairing the bridge there which had been swept away by floods last Friday. The bridge was a good sixteen feet above the water…

The other detour was to Tom Tallon's Crag which was just like one of the rocky tors on Dartmoor. the view from the top was amazing, but unfortunately we didn't have long there before it started raining. After that we had showers for the rest of the afternoon, so we just kept walking with some occasional stops to put waterproofs on or off depending.

The route into Wooler is definitely torturous – you can actually see the town below, but the St Cuthberts Way runs away from Wooler, over the common (and another hill – really quite unnecessary at this point) before it meanders back in some kilometers later. Wooler looks interesting, but unfortunately we got here after most of it was shut – oh well.

We ate in an (recommended by the landlady in Kirk Yetholm) Italian restaurant tonight, very pleasant meal, but I've rarely been asked if everything was all right quite so many times!

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