Family outing

Last night we had a family outing to Ikea. We decided it would be character building for the boys to accompany us whilst we looked for a bedside table and hanging rail for Mouse and a bed for Hairy's room. Well, to be honest, it was along the lines of 'if we have to suffer, so do you'.

Mouse had the most incredible screaming tantrum at the very idea of shopping in his x-box time… but I was firm, and pointed out that he had absolutely no choice at all. Hairy approached the whole thing with an air of resignation and a firmly plugged-in i-pod.

An hour later, I felt like having the screaming tantrum and Mouse was quite happily laughing at the amazing Ikea names and pinching free pencils for school. He has the most incredible instant memory loss. However, he loves his new bedside table/drawers thingy (and I quite like the fact that it has drawers – his mess can be shut away), and is looking forward to having a bed at ground level (with bed-on-casters underneath for BF to come and stay). I'm quite looking forward to having a bed that I can make without climbing ladders… His bed is coming from Mama and Papa when they do up their spare room.

Hairy will have a new double bed, so that I can use his room as a guest room when he's away from home. His current bed is so high that he can't sit up in it…

Handsome got a new carving board, and I failed to get a picture frame for my new print – because it's a really stupid shape, and everything would have looked wrong. It looks as though I'll have to go and get someone to frame it for me.

Oh, and Mouse gave me half his pencils… shared guilt I suppose. And then Hairy gave me the ones he'd pinched as well. Oh well, I tried to bring them up properly.

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