technical failure

My precious and beloved pda died today, just after I'd finished updating the family calendar with two (different) sets of school dates, one set of university dates, a years worth of home stuff (dentist, asthma clinic, orthodontist…), a full seven-period-a-day timetable through to December, and a Duke of Edinburgh walking schedule through to June. I was a little miffed. To be fair, my pda was kind of old, it was (no use talking about it in the present tense, it's really, really fried) an original Dell Axim, before they had numbers so you could tell which model was which. When my Axim was made, it was the only one.

I've been here before, my Axim replaced a Psion (which I loved to bits) and in both cases when I went looking for a replacement, guess what, extremely discontinued. By years.

The problem is that my life is on that pda, and several other people's as well. This may seem extreme, but my job involves me being (and looking) very organised all the time, and my home life requires me to be the in-control person, and my secret, hidden shame, is that actually I'm not. At all. I survive by putting absolutely everything, up to and including where I should be at certain times of the day, onto that pda. Which I then synchronise both at home and at work. I have been known to panic if I forget to bring it home.

Anyway, after I'd had a hissy fit this afternoon, and Handsome had poked needles and screwdrivers and other stuff at it, and it had completely failed to become a working pda, Handsome recognised that I was not going to be a fully functioning human being without it, and has ordered me a new one. Only it's a different make and model (due to mine being discontinued), so I'm going to have to set it all up, and talk to the technician at work (machines all protected to the ends of the earth) and basically spend a lot of time sorting stuff before I'm an efficient person again.

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