I had to go and buy trains today (TtTE) for BF's brother, who has a severe Thomas addiction and a birthday on Thursday. When Hairy was going through his (thankfully long since over) Thomas phase, there were only the die-cast models available – they were small and very heavy, and Hairy learnt fast that they were ideal for hitting Mouse over the head and inflicting maximum pain with minimum effort. Now, there are shelves and shelves and shelves of TtTE stuff – so much that I had to check in advance exactly which type and size was appropriate (and how big is your tank engine?). And there are new characters there – I'm absolutely sure that when Hairy had lunchboxes full of small trains, none of them were called Whiffy.

I bought trucks (trucks are apparently always welcome) and extra track so that he can make the circle in the living-room even bigger.

And then I had the problem of getting Handsome out of Toys-R- Us… First he lingered longingly at the Lego aisle, muttering plaintively that Lego wasn't like that when he was young – and then he found the Skaletrix (I confess I have no idea how to spell that, and I can't be bothered to look it up); I could practically hear him going "Broom Broom", like Mr Toad…

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