We have spent the whole of the last two days scraping wallpaper off the hall walls – I knew the hall was large (sprawling bungalow) but I previously hadn't realised that the walls were quite as vast and endless as they now appear. It's lucky that we're replacing the carpet as well, because it's a bit covered in tiny bits of scraped-off wallpaper as well. We had the kit for removing wallpaper without fuss (steamer and proper scraping thingys), but they do not work when the previous wallpaper has been put up with araldite

Despite having showered twice today, I still have wallpaper paste in my nails and my hair – how did it get there!

However, eventually we have clear walls in the hall, so tomorrow Handsome is going to put lining paper up, and then we'll paint it – something light and cheerful, exact colour still to be decided. Tomorrow, while he's doing that, I'm going to make quince jelly, and chutney with all my remaining green tomatoes – if I can find somewhere to buy jam jars in the morning.

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