bad things and good things

I had to make an emergency dentist's appointment for today, having lost a large lump off one of my back teeth on Sunday (I think it may have dissolved in all that rain we had). The tooth itself wasn't hurting at all, but it had a really rough edge where it had broken, and my tongue was being rubbed raw, so I took the first appointment they could give me. Now the last time I went for an emergency appointment I had to wait for ages (only fair); what I'd done involved root canal work and a crown and lots of follow-on appointments; it cost a small fortune and I had to have quite a few of those numbing injections which make me feel sick. I really wasn't looking forward to today with enthusiasm, even 'though our dentist is really quite a nice person (for a dentist).

This time… I was taken as soon as I got there; it was quick and easy to fix; I only needed one injection, so I'm still feeling like a human being and it didn't cost the earth either. And, and this is the really good bit, we had a family check-up and clean and polish due next weekend, so he just did mine while I was there, so Handsome will have to take the boys and I can stay at home (and read).

Next time I might look forward to going to the dentist…

On an entirely different note, apparently there are two hundred pupils and a fair number of staff absent at Mouse's school. The school only has just over seven hundred students, so that's quite a large proportion there – I'm amazed they haven't made the press (although possibly Mouse is exaggerating quite a bit…) . They do however, definitely have a rather nasty little virus spreading quite fast (symptoms are nothing like the dreaded SF), as well as (according to Mouse and friends) quite a few people who have caught extreme hypochondria as well. Thankfully (cross fingers, touch wood) Mouse has currently caught neither virus nor hypochondria.

Mouse is playing his saxophone tonight, at a SWRI birthday party… the SWRI's birthday, I think, not an individual person. That'll be a whole new experience for him! Hopefully there'll be cake to reconcile him and the other kids who have braved the old ladies.


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