exam leave

I have to wonder whose bright idea it was to give a fifteen-year-old with an x-box addiction exam leave for his prelims. I nearly didn't sign the consent form that came home today. However, Mouse pointed out that the only people who are not being allowed exam leave are the neds those who perhaps have not behaved as well as they should, and therefore if I denied it to him, he would have to sit in a study class with the aforementioned neds people who have not behaved as well as they should.

And then he wouldn't be able to get any studying done.

I was not born yesterday. I have my doubts about how much studying will be done when he is in the house on his own, with no-one here to nag vocally care. But I can remove the x-box controllers (I think making them cordless was a wonderful idea) and therefore make it easier for him to resist temptation.

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