qualified again

Had the second part of my first aid course this afternoon, I am now, once again, qualified to tell people I'm a first-aider. Whether or not I'm qualified to do anything more than that is a moot point – after doing goodness knows how many chest compressions on a plastic dummy this afternoon, I now have a completely dead right arm. With horrible pulsing pins and needles.

I'm better at the sling tying, wound dressing and more practical stuff. I can't really claim that CPR isn't practical, but to be honest it terrifies me that I might actually have to do it, whereas putting arms in slings or dressings on wounds doesn't scare me in the same way.

One of my colleagues quite fancied stealing the mask off the Resusci Annie – I have no idea what she wanted it for, really the mind boggles, surely she didn't intend to wear it?

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