something nasty under the floorboards

Over the last week or so I have been aware of a smell in the kitchen and utility room area. I obsessively emptied bins, cleaned the filter in the dishwasher, checked cupboards and then got Handsome to check under cupboards. I didn't find anything, but the smell got gradually worse and worse. Last night Handsome bravely went where few have gone before, and looked beneath the kitchen floor (have I mentioned that the smell was definitely floorwards-focused) by way of the very small hatch in the cupboard where we keep the wine.

The wine is currently lined up down the hall, looking misplaced, forlorn and tempting.

He found rather a large pool of stagnant water underneath the area where the kitchen sink, dishwasher, fridge and freezer are located. So poor Handsome spent rather a lot of last night lugging sawdust down under the floor to start mopping up the water – the smell has improved at least.

Next we will have to move everything and find out what is leaking and how much damage has already been done. The worst case scenario is having to replace the floor, (Handsome seems to think that might be a possibility) and then we will probably have to contact the insurance company and find out how much of it they'll pay for, and in the meantime, I have to do the washing up in the utility room sink.

It's freezing in the utility room, there's no radiator in there. I think I'm going to rename it the scullery.

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