snow, snow, snow

It snowed overnight on Thursday, so everything was looking really pretty on Friday morning when I got up. I was just thinking to myself that it was a perfect day for sitting in the passenger seat of the car on the way to work, with my camera on my lap so that I could shout STOP at Handsome whenever there was a photographic opportunity, when I remembered that Handsome was not well and was planning on staying at home (because he'd coughed all night) and that I no longer have a working camera. I drowned it on the last very, very wet Duke of Edinburgh walk. I know it is drowned because a) water ran out of the battery case when I took it out of it's (supposedly not very waterproof) bag and b) all the photos I took on that particular walk are misted – it was only wet, not foggy too.

So I drove into work (very carefully as it was icy as well as snowy, and although I am quite capable of driving in the snow, I don't actually like it very much) and looked at the views as I went. They were really quite beautiful, and if Handsome had been there we would have probably been late for work because he would have had to stop so many times. But we could have always blamed it on the snow…

It remains very picturesque here – there were so many birds hanging off the garden feeders earlier today that they were knocking each other off, and our next-door-neighbour's doves (with big feathery feet) were pecking up the seed that the smaller birds knocked out. A symbiotic relationship that probably leads to big fat white doves! They sort of fade into the snow so that sometimes you can't quite work out how many are there.

And it's still snowing, gently and steadily.

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