I still like snow, even although it’s been here for a fortnight now!

Mouse's school texted me yesterday (while he was at school) with complicated instructions about his bus. Basically, all parents who live off the main road are being asked to take their kids to one of two pickup points which are on the main road until further notice – which will presumably be when the condition of the side roads around here improve. Furthermore, students who are not on the bus in the morning will not be entitled to travel home in the afternoon. I assume that's so they can use the smaller bus. Luckily for us, one of the two pickups is Mouse's usual bus stop, so we don't have to take him anywhere. Having carefully made all these extra arrangements to make sure that pupils can get to school, today they closed it.

To be fair, there was a good bit more snow last night, especially in the Borders, and the roads were pretty bad. We didn't get out this morning, but this afternoon Handsome and I went for a walk around the back road. The sun was shining, and it was bitterly cold, so we wrapped up warm and waded through the deep bits and slipped in the icy rutted bits. There were some calves in one of the fields looking cute but cold.

They had wooly coats, but no hats or gloves.

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