In my family love and cooking go hand in hand

Central Scotland has been shrouded in bitterly cold freezing fog all day today. Hairy and Blossom are stranded in Belfast City Airport, and have been for some time now… the previous four Belfast City/Glasgow (or the other way around) flights have been cancelled, but they now have a flight time, albeit with some four to five hours delay, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for them. I suppose having to sleep overnight in an airport is probably one of those life experiences that everyone should do once!

We were supposed to be going out for dinner tonight (for my birthday) but we couldn't make it, because where we were going to is a bit snowed in. Also, I cough every time I go outside, I don't think my lungs were designed for these sort of temperatures. So Handsome cooked me steak and chips and crème caramel, because he loves me.

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One Response to In my family love and cooking go hand in hand

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Happy Birthday and I am so glad that Handsome was there to cook you a wonderful dinner!!

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