the cat is snoring on the settee

Handsome is racing cars on the x-box, at least I think that's what he's doing, if he isn't then he's sitting along in the electronic playroom making brrroom brrrroom noises (wholly possible); Mouse is in bed having done his hour's revision tonight with absolutely no fuss whatsoever which means that I must have got the level of bribery right (marshmallows in his hot chocolate); and the cat is snoring on the settee, which is a change from him screeching around the house like a mad thing and I've finished all the little jobs that I have to do around the house. All of these things mean that I have perfect peace. It's lovely.

The cat is a bit of a problem just now, he's absolutely refusing to go outside, because he really really doesn't like the snow.He has effectively been housebound for the last three weeks, and as a result is practically climbing up the walls. Tonight he has chased my pencil case, the remote for the TV, my keys and the flowers in the lounge. He hunted Mouse's shadow when he was revising, and then scratched at the door when Mouse put him out of the room. He looks very cute now, all curled up in a grey tabby ball with his tail over his eyes making little purry snores.

I think I'll go and read a book.

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