fifteen is really quite young to be making life choices

Mouse's Parents' Evening was on Monday, although these days in order to be politically correct it is called a Consultation Evening. He sits his Standard Grades in May, and with some polishing and revision it appears that he should do okay. I'm even prepared to be hopeful about his French, which quite frankly, he hates. Much as I love my youngest, I am well aware that he is very susceptible to peer group pressure, and it is not fashionable to like languages. I have not even suggested that he takes French next year, but I have pointed out that a pass is still a pass, and a credit pass should be achievable and will give him Ucas points.

It may have fallen on deaf ears.

He does want to take a rather unusual mixture of subjects next year for Highers – English and Maths are mandatory (not the school, us) although he does actually want to take English anyway and he recognises the importance of Maths; Graphics, which is an advantage as Handsome teaches it, so he can help if Mouse ever actually asks for help; Music, because his career plan at the moment is to be a Rock God and Geography, because he doesn't want to do anything else in that column, but it will work for him, because Higher Geography involves essays, and he can write essays.

We discovered very recently that the reason he was unhappy about his course choice was because he thought we wanted him to take sciences – I don't know if we inadvertently gave him that impression, we certainly didn't intend to! Anyway, assuming everything goes all right next year, he will always have his sixth year to catch up with any other subjects he wants to do.

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