When did wootang become a word? It’s not in the dictionary.

I have a bit of a Winter Olympics addiction. Quite absurd considering that I do not like being cold, cannot ski or bob-sleigh or skate or anything that involves moving fast on ice apart from falling over. Handsome has done curling once – he says it's a fast and exciting sport…I find that hard to accept, although I did stay up until after midnight watching the Scottish UK team the other night. If anything it's quite encouraging that the curling teams look like real people, as opposed to honed athletes.

I have been completely enthralled by the armchair-adrenaline-generator that is ski-cross. It's difficult to believe that they haven't all taken their brains out first. How can anything so utterly dangerous be an approved sport? I find myself shouting at the television – "NO! Don't overtake there! Watch out, she's behind you!!No no no no no don't miss the gate!"

Nailbiting TV. And that's just the curling (particularly the Norwegian trousers).

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2 Responses to When did wootang become a word? It’s not in the dictionary.

  1. Miller15 says:

    Being athletes is a respecting craft

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    I have loved watching the Olympics as well.  My favorite is the figure skating but the skiing has been wonderful as well.  And, as you said, the speed skating is quite exciting.  I do not, at all, understand why people enjoy curling.  I have heard it compared to chess so that might explain it right there.  But yes, even I have seen the pants of which you speak 🙂

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