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Handsome complained to my Mama last night that I hadn't been blogging much recently, so he didn't know what he'd been doing – a tad surreal I feel. However, just to make sure that he knows what he should be doing… I foresee that in the next week Handsome will become supremely romantic with lots of big grandiose gestures; suddenly lose any urge to watch TV, but instead develop a deep desire to clean out cupboards; and turn into a non-grumpy person even although he's stopped smoking (instantly, none of this one-more-in-the-garage nonsense). Challenge?

Actually I have been blogging, but most of them have been private worries about Hairy.

Mouse has taken on cleaning the house for the last three weekends – he's attempting to earn money to buy Beatles Rock Band for the X-box. I am paying him twenty pounds for a full house clean, including dusting, toilets and showers, towels changed in the bathrooms, floors hoovered or washed, bins emptied, and anything else that needs doing. I agreed to this in the expectation that he would discover how much work it was and drop the idea, however, to my surprise and admiration he has stuck with it, and I'm absolutely fine with paying him for a job well done. My only problem now, is what I'm going to do next weekend now that he's earned enough money! Maybe I can suggest he builds up a nest egg for the next time he wants to buy something.

What else? We're still attempting to sort out the kitchen – after all the fixing floor and wall bits were done, we discovered that no-one was feeling particularly responsible for the floor covering that had been cut up to get to said floor. It took Handsome a while to communicate with both sides (insurers and builders) and then lo and behold, the insurers needed a different assessor to come out and look at it. He came on Thursday, and the letter saying how much money we could have came yesterday. We did manage to have a quick look at one of the approved places yesterday (we have to buy the new vinyl from a list of suppliers, we can't just use anybody) but their selection was very limited. We're going to try some more this afternoon, but I don't honestly know how may will be open on Sunday afternoon…

And it's still snowing, although it's not lying, just being cold and sleety and wet.

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