actually I have Dandy annuals too, as well as Where’s Wally

It was a five-minute job.

I decided some time ago that I would move my printer at work onto a smaller table, closer to my desk so that I could keep a better eye on what was being printed, whilst at the same time enabling me to use a shorter cable, thus getting rid of the constant trip-hazard which Health & Safety have been ignoring manfully for some time.

So I did that, then realised that the space left was bigger than I had thought, so I moved the worktable in there, under the windows, which will be a bit more comfortable for the group of boys who use it every lunchtime to pore over old Beano albums. And I'll be able to work next to the windows when I'm mending books, not such a good thing as I can be very easily distracted by the great outdoors. Then I changed the chairs at the worktable so that they all matched.

Then, because I'd started matching chairs, I matched them all the way down the central tables and around the computers at the bottom of the library.

When I got back up to my desk at the top of the library and looked down, I decided that I would have a better view if I moved the huge paperback spinner further down the right-hand-side, so I emptied it onto a trolley and asked the janitors FM team to kindly move it for me. It really is huge, it's not something to move without due thought. I hadn't thought properly, so they then had to move it further down the right-hand-side until we got it somewhere where it actually fitted! I haven't managed to put all the books back on it yet, that's a task for tomorrow.

Then I put some of the comfy chairs in-between the shelves to make quiet reading areas, and I put the floor cushions out near the big spinner. Which may be a mistake, because it may make a new and different kind of trip-hazard. And then I reorganised the rest of the comfy chairs, into two separate but linked areas, and I put the magazine table in the middle linky-bit.

At this point my cleaner came in and asked if I was planning to go home tonight because she wanted to hoover, so I thought I better had. It was only two-and-a-half-hours after I'd started and one hour past my finishing time.

Tomorrow I might finish it…

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One Response to actually I have Dandy annuals too, as well as Where’s Wally

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Wow, this sounds like one of the “very small projects” I start, that then mushrooms into a “huge project,” and about halfway through, I am exhausted and sorry I started.  But what you ended up with sounds wonderful!  Good job!!

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