Burgeoning rock gods need long hair and saxophones

Mouse had the practical part of his Intermediate II Music exam today, something he has been working towards with, to be honest, a fair amount of indifference for some time. There is no doubt about his musical ability, but his commitment to practising is another matter entirely. In general his way around this is to 'forget' to bring his saxophone home from school as often as he can get away with it. He got well and truly caught at his parent's evening recently when his teacher mentioned that he forgot to bring his sax to school… and we said that he told us he forgot to bring it home.


Since then he has been a bit better about remembering, and to be fair practised regularly once he was given the date of his practical – both on his saxophone and his guitar (second instrument). I can actually understand that with a limited number of pieces which have to be gone over again and again and again, he is really fed up with them and just wants to play something else. Quite frankly if I have to hear "Waltz for Emily" again I might even encourage him to forget his saxophone….

Luckily the exam went well, so hopefully I won't be put in that position – until next year, when he intends to take Higher Music. It's essential if you want a career as a rock god, apparently.

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