I’m not usually a techno-fail, but this has got me beaten

I have given up in frustration – I cannot get the right channel between Handsome's hard drive recorder and the television to play the programme he recorded for me on Sunday. I know the principle of the thing, I have to change the channel on the tv and then find the series, then the programme… but I can't make it work!

I can work the other one perfectly, but that's got Glee and NCIS and Being Human all my junk on it, whereas Handsome's (which was bought after mine so we could have a dvd recorder, which neither of us can work) has motor-racing and other boring stuff all his junk on it.

By the time he gets home from playing cards with little old ladies it'll be too late. I'll just have to watch Glee instead.

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One Response to I’m not usually a techno-fail, but this has got me beaten

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I can totally relate.  I get so frustrated.  I have to call my kids to help me every time there is an issue of connecting.  We have the added complication of having the Wii plugged in and also having to have a “box” because the TV set is old.  Ugggg.   So many wires.  There is no way I can do it without help.  Mr is not much better at it.  I usually get my son to help me but the girls are pretty good at it too.

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