spring is sprung the grass is riz i wonder where the birdies is

Today was a glorious (late) spring day; the first time this year that it has really felt warm outside. Handsome was up early and out in the garden before I had really surfaced. I need at least two cups of coffee, no matter how sunny it is; I followed him out once suitably caffeinated.

We left the boys asleep in the lounge, it didn't seem worth harassing them. I'm fairly sure I heard them at 3 am this morning, not that I was listening too hard.

Handsome spent this morning energetically spreading compost over the vegetable beds so that we can plant tomorrow. I spent this morning pottering around, taking photos, sweeping the back steps and eating ice-lollies in the sunshine.

This pot of tulips was under the eaves at the side of the house for most of the winter – it had more than its fair share of snow. They might flower some time around June…

But the little daffodils have survived just fine, despite being flattened by the last snow two weeks ago.

I love peonies – mine are the dark red velvety ones that only last a few days.

And the rhubarb really needs weeding – maybe I'll do it tomorrow, after I've planted broad beans and sugar-peas and lettuce. Handsome has potatoes and carrots and leeks and onions to plant.

The boys finally woke up about eleven o'clock.

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3 Responses to spring is sprung the grass is riz i wonder where the birdies is

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I am with you on needing to be properly caffeinated!  Glad you were able to sleep some, even with all the boys in the house!  Nice of you to let them sleep in.  Your husband sounds very energetic.  What you did sounded more fun to me.  What are ice-lollies?  Are they popsicles?  Glad you enjoyed the day.

  2. Jerusha says:

    Yes, ice lollies are the same as popsicles – mine are pomegranate flavoured!

  3. Freedom Smith says:

    Wow, now there is a flavor we don’t have.  Ours usually come in grape, orange, lime, banana, and of course, they come in chocolate and ice-cream like flavors as well.  Yours sounds intriguing! 

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