left hand, right hand.

Today two workmen arrived at my place of work. They ignored me (the only person there) completely and started taking the main entrance doors off the hinges. I went and asked them why. They said that, the doors were sticking (slightly, it's true) because they were too heavy for the hinges, so they were going to move the hinges and rehang the doors. Surely if the doors are too heavy for the hinges they'll still be too heavy even if the hinges are in a different place?

Anyway, they took the doors down; then they looked at the door frame and scratched their heads; then they 'phoned their boss (I was listening shamelessly whilst reclassifying books); then they took the door frame down; then they went away.

Three hours later they came back and proceeded to barricade the doorway with strips of wood – I was still inside! So I protested, and limboed out, and asked some questions…

Apparently the door frame has no-where else that they can attach hinges to because it is shaped to the doors. And the doors have to be one-hour fire doors, which are thick and heavy (I don't think I'm going to hang around for one hour if there's a fire, but I can't really argue with anything that might save some books), so they are going to have to make a new door frame, fit new hinges and re-hang the doors – tomorrow. Surely they could have worked some of this out before they actually took the doors down?

Let's see if I can get in in the morning!

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2 Responses to left hand, right hand.

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    LOLOLOL!!!  How many times do people jump into projects without thinking them through. Oh my….imagining you limboeing out and questioning the puzzled workers is so funny!  Sorry to laugh at your dilemma but the men just don’t sound too bright.  Thanks for giving us a good laugh.  The way you described the situation is brilliant.  

  2. Strive2Be says:

    [this is good] Thanks for the morning laugh!  I hope you won’t find yourself suffering now from fits of claustrophobia, or worse…..fear of WORKMEN! Just remember….you can always limbo your way out of anything. *big smile*

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