Home to Edinburgh, Edinburgh to Newcastle – Hadrian’s Wall day one

But the adventure didn't really start until Edinburgh station – Handsome made me stand at the wrong end of the platform so we had to leg it past all the carriages to the other end of the train. It was the "quiet" carriage; a disaster for a dedicated people watcher like myself as everyone in that carriage was doing quiet boring things. I had to content myself for the whole journey by wondering what the girl in Waverley needed two cowboy hats for?

Once in Newcastle we metroed to our first night's hotel and dropped off our bags and then metroed out again (I love underground railways, I really do) to Wallsend – apparently the only station in the world to have bilingual signage in Latin. I meant to take a photo, but didn't: it doesn't matter because it's on the internet

We had a potter around Segedunum, the Roman fort at the end or beginning of Hadrian's Wall and we bought Handsome a t-shirt (it says he's an ancient monument – he offered me one and I politely declined).

We had previously decided that if the timing was right and we felt like it, that we'd knock a bit off tomorrow by starting this afternoon and then returning by metro – so we did. We walked the first eight or so kilometres which was mostly though the industrial bit of Newcastle, along the river. It was actually surprisingly interesting; we saw people fishing and boat ribs in the water, and all sorts of bits and pieces. It rained briefly and I got a bit grumpy (because I didn't particularly want to put on waterproof trousers to walk through the middle of Newcastle) but then it cleared up again before I'd had time to get into a real strop.

I didn't see any centurions today…

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1 Response to Home to Edinburgh, Edinburgh to Newcastle – Hadrian’s Wall day one

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    It sounds like a great adventure!!  So much fun to see new places. The picture of the bridge is quite impressive.  It sounds like you are going to be seeing many new and interesting things.  I hope you are taking a lot of photographs for us to see!

    (They have a quiet carriage? I had no idea!)

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