Busy weekend

I've had Hairy and Blossom here for the weekend – after Hairy had failed to manage to get his own hair cut, and Blossom had failed to persuade him for me, I decided that I would just book the appointment while he was here and deliver him. Which I did. It doesn't look substantially shorter, but at least it is now even at the back, and he is just about talking to me again… I took him shopping for new jeans as well, and socks – apparently he has a sock monster in his flat.

Oh, and then I took him shopping for food whilst on the way to delivering them both back to Glasgow this afternoon – quite frankly that's more shopping than I usually do in a month!

It was however, lovely to have them both here. Hopefully they'll manage across again during the term – there are birthdays coming up, perhaps I can bribe them with cake.

Mouse has spent the weekend with BF – he had his games club on Saturday morning, and BF's Mum invited him to stay over as she had arranged Book Festival tickets for them again today. He really loves going; they saw Robert Muchamore (he got the new book signed pre-release, and is absolutely delighted) and Jasper FForde, and he couldn't stop talking about it when he got back tonight. They wandered around the streets in-between and watched the street performers – Edinburgh is always full of them during Festival, and it's a great way of being entertained for free!

Oh, and the dishwasher's dead again – it must be something I do – it now needs a new pump at ninety quid. We're waiting for the engineer to get back to us, and I'm washing up by hand again.

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