Strange things seen in the Pentlands today

It was a gorgeous day for a walk today – sunny but with a steady breeze (rising to quite a strong wind in places) to keep it cool. The kids we were walking with were all cheerful and capable, and to be honest all we were needed for was to drive the BYM there, drop them off and then pick them up and take them home again eight hours later! 

Copy of Kips and Scald Law

Whilst waiting for the little dears to make a checkpoint (we could see them in the distance having way too long a lunch-break) we noticed that there were loads and loads of bees on the ground. Initially we thought they were dead because they weren't crawling around or taking off, in fact they were remarkably still. But then we realised that they occasionally moved, they were just not moving as much as bees do normally. My theory is that they were drunk from all the heather nectar, but Handsome's theory is probably more likely to be correct. He reckons that they were sunning themselves, and being sleepy in the sun.

Copy of somnolent bees  Copy of bee 

Bee wings are truly amazing.

Later in the day, following around Hare Hill there were big silver patches in the middle of the purple heather, I squished my way across to one to have a closer look and found heather bones – obviously an area that had been burnt out last year, and then sun had bleached the remaining roots, but it looked very odd from the path above.

Copy of Heather bones

We overtook the kids – they were sunning themselves on either side of the path, looking as though they were in no hurry to finish the day – and headed back to the car park so that we had time for coffee before they got back.

Copy of Cloud shadows over Pentlands

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One Response to Strange things seen in the Pentlands today

  1. Jeni Wren says:

    I’ve seen bees do that too, always wondered why. They are obviously sun worshippers! I wonder if they are susceptible to skin cancer??
    Your pictures are always beautiful.

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