birthdays and public speaking

It's been a good day today.

Mouse successfully managed his first assembly, despite having a sore throat. He stood up on stage in front of a third of his school and talked about being a good citizen. I'm proud of him (despite the fact that good citizens presumably remember to do their homework and therefore their mothers don't get texts from the school).

We talked about the homework issue, and it's been resolved. Learning that your mother considers homework more important that the eggbox is also an important life-skill, and obviously one that Mouse hadn't previously learnt as well as I thought he had.

And then Hairy and Blossom came back from university to have dinner with us, because it is Hairy's twentieth birthday today. Twenty – how on Earth did that happen? Where has the time gone? They both looked very happy and relaxed – of course term doesn't start for a few more weeks, things may change!

Hairy chose roast chicken with roast potatoes cooked in with the chicken (one of his favourites) and apple crumble for dinner – the kids always get to choose what they have for dinner on their birthdays which has led to some interesting meals through the years.

And then we had birthday cake, with pirate candles – who would have thought you could get pirate birthday candles? With miniature cutlasses and treasure chests as well!

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