The last week at work has been interestingly interrupted by power-cuts – brief but destructive power cuts. The servers in our building can at best be described as petulant. When there are many short and unexpected power cuts, they respond by having a massive tantrum, and requiring the Network Manager to feed them with blood and sacrifices. After he's done that, they fleetingly spring to life, and then promptly die from overload, as everyone attempts to send their urgent email immediately.

The Network Manager is looking quite pale and tired these days.

Said power-cuts are caused by a very big fire locally (no-one died) which was very exciting at the time, with belches of great black smoke everywhere, and masses of sirens and rumours abounding. If you went up to the very top floor of our building, you could even see flames! Now the burnt-out building is all rather sordid and ugly looking, and is obviously having to be taken down for safety reasons – hence the power-cuts as they move cables.

And all of us (after some accidents) have got used to hitting 'save' every thirty seconds or so, and I have had to finish an important document at home last night and tonight, because even when the server came back up today, I still couldn't access the stuff I needed on t'interweb. Frustrating.

And then this morning, after somewhat torrential rain last night, we got into work to find that the water had risen above the air vents on part of the building, so we had underfloor flooding. This afternoon I have had a large and extremely yellow lorry outside, with some fascinating (and noisy) hosepipes and pump thingys attempting to fix that one. I went home before they'd finished.

Tomorrow I'm expecting pestilence. Or is it frogs?

Never mind, Friday's nearly here, and I've still got an orange 6a to conquer.

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