Not yet please, I still haven’t managed to buy a snow shovel

About two weeks ago I mentioned that it was a bit autumnal here – I've been using the little back road to get to work (yet more roadworks on the big road), and as it's tree-lined, and they are mostly copper beeches, it's a beautiful run on a bright day. I should stop and take photos, but I'm usually running late, because Handsome is on half-term so I'm having to drive myself.

However, yesterday it turned a little colder, and this morning there was ice on the little car. It was particularly annoying as I had parked my car in the garage last night (so there was no ice on it) but Handsome had taken it down to the village to get a newspaper – furthermore he had driven off with the ice scraper (also in my car) so I had great difficulty cleaning the windscreen. I may have been a tad grumpy as I set off up the hill even later than usual.

I was even grumpier by the time I got to work, having followed two tractors and an extremely slow stunningly pink car. It obviously wasn't her normal route to wherever she was going, she braked ferociously at every bend and corner. When I got to work, it was to find that the boiler was off whilst someone looked at it (the boilerman cometh) so the building was freezing and I ended up in someone else's office for the day, because she had an (illegal) electric heater.

It was not a particularly good day.

And according to the travel news, the Cockbridge to Tomintoul road is only passable with care tonight, because of snow… I'm just not ready for it to be cold yet, I need time to look out gloves and winter coats and boots. And we never did get around to buying a snow shovel last winter (we just borrowed the neighbour's a lot), and I don't think they're on sale yet this year!

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