Some of them probably have links to the Mafia

I'm a bit worried about Handsome; I think he may have bitten off more than he can chew… Last season, and the one before, he had a particular partner at the Bridge Club – a lady of a certain age who drove him mad because of her outrageous bidding. Unfortunately they were the only two people there who did not have regular partners, and she was the other one. I do not play bridge, it only makes people grumpy when I do, and that includes myself.

This season, the lady has not been there, and Handsome has found himself a new partner and quite a bit of new enthusiasm. He actually bought himself a book to brush up his technique – well no, now I come to think of it he got me to buy him the book – and he has brought home notes scribbled on bits of paper regarding his partner's bidding methods. This is getting serious.

Not that I mind the bridge itself, it's good for him to have another a hobby, and I really quite like my quiet Wednesday nights. No, what worries me is that last night his old partner came back, and Handsome pretended not to see her… he has no idea how dangerous little old ladies can be.

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