I compulsively take photographs of waterfalls

I seem to have an unusually large number of photographs of waterfalls. Having spent some time this evening looking through my photo archives, it's clear that most of them are of this particular waterfall. (The photo gets bigger if you click on it, and looks slightly less black and white… although not much, because it actually looked like that)

December 2010 023
I have photographs of Corra Linn in the Spring, surrounded by bluebells; in the Summer when all the trees are very green and there are peregrine falcons on the cliff top (obviously you can't see them in the photographs, but I know they're there); in Autumn when the beech trees turn the woods copper coloured and in Winter, when the Falls of Clyde are an incredibly magic place surrounded by icicles, and you can feel the chill from the water rising up the cliffs like invisible mist.

I have considerably more Winter waterfall photographs than any other time of year.

This was taken yesterday, on a day when it was so cold that it hurt to breathe. Well, it hurt me; other people were probably fine.  Handsome and I had the falls almost to ourselves – there were some other hardy souls, but those who braved the snowy footpath and boardwalk were few and far between. We saw goosanders and a pair of cormorants on the Clyde. They looked cold.

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