Darn, the real world has reimposed itself

I've been having way too much fun recently to remember to update this, in fact, I have to confess there have been lengthy stretches of time when my laptop was not even switched on. Last Saturday I had to dust it.

During the last two weeks I have visited the pantomime with my family (Snow Queen – quite scary, pleasantly traditional). Cutesocks had to take his Mama and Papa home early because it was too scary, but I will cherish the memory of Mouse leaning over the balcony completely enthralled and completely uncynical.

Mouse ended up opening his stocking on Christmas Day with Cutesocks and Smiler – they invited him into their parents' bedroom so he could share. Luckily my brother and sister-in-law are fairly unflappable, as Hairy joined them shortly afterwards. Handsome and I were still asleep! Mouse's best present this year was undoubtable his ukelele, something he had asked for but not held out much hope of getting – I would quite like his uncle and aunt to take it back now, but as I have given their children various noisy and musical presents through the years, I suppose it's revenge. Actually he's really quite good already, and the stack of differently sized and coloured stringed instruments in his room looks a little as though it has been designed, in a glossy-magazine-not-really-my-house way.

Ukelele boy Christmas Day 2010

Unfortunately the rest of his room doesn't look even slightly designer…

 My family is definitely of the live-to-eat variety, so there were lots of meals where various combinations of people all sat around eating, drinking, talking and laughing for hours while small (and larger) children ran around madly, built trains or x-boxed and then magically reappeared at the table when the chocolates were broken out.

Wine cooler - Boxing Day 2010

New Year was at our house, and Cutesocks managed to sabotage his Mama's evening out for the second time when he had a really good shot at breaking his toe. He didn't quite succeed, but she had to stay home with him. Smiler came, and Blossom spent happy hours in the hall building him ginormous marble runs – I knew there was a good reason for keeping all those marbles. Cryptic menu New Year's Eve 2010

Traditionally we have a menu (themed if we can manage it) for our New Year bash, and this year Mouse and I compiled a cryptic crossword. Trying to work out how Mouse's brain works was the  only way to crack it – nobody took it seriously until he said that

thDetritus New Year's Eve 2010ey wouldn't be eating until it was solved, after that there was some group conferring and the thing was done in seconds.


And then it was my birthday – I believe it's referred to as a significant birthday when you reach fifty, I've not a clue why, but maybe it's because when you reach my (advanced, obviously) age you've learnt how to enjoy yourself. Mouse bought me an amazing graphic novel by one of my favourite authors… Images and Handsome and Mama and Papa got together and bought me a climbing instructor (although Handsome refused to wrap him up, and I was so looking forward to unwrapping him) and an awful lot of rope, so that we can now go lead climbing. We did the course last Friday, and even although the arena was freezing (again) it was
such good fun, and now we can climb everywhere – no limits – apart from ability, obviously!

Today we went back to work, and it was okay although rather more frenetic than I would have  liked. The only problem with being off for so long is the amount of mail (both snail and electronic) that builds up; most of today was catching up so that I can start properly tomorrow.

Ah well, if I didn't work I wouldn't enjoy the holidays so much.

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