a brief step backwards into the festive season

Tonight we had Mouse's Christmas Winterfest Concert – obviously it was intended to be held before Christmas, but as it was on one of the days when his school was closed due to distinctly inclement weather, it was rescheduled. I thought the kids did very well to keep absolutely straight faces whilst singing or playing carols and Christmas songs. They were all very good, as usual, with one or two exceptional musicians.

However, I still find it difficult to appreciate accordian music, particularly when someone's been foolish enough to place a microphone within twenty feet of it.

There was a superb guitarist, a singer with a gorgeous voice and lovely control and a very small trombonist with an amazing amount of oooomph.

We had a frantic last-minute panic before we left, when he couldn't find his music – luckily it turned up on the floor of the school music room cupboard, somewhere where he appears to spend quite a lot of his time (not on the floor, just in the cupboard). It's not that Mouse's music department are so cruel to him that they lock him in the cupboard (although I totally understand the temptation), but he and two of the other Higher music students seem to have adopted it as a combined practice/jamming/hangout space. I don't know where the other six students in his class go, but there probably isn't enough space in the cupboard for them too.

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