new toy

I've bought myself the house an energy saving monitor, so that we can all see and hopefully cut down on the electricity we're using. The last bill was truly horrific. I lied when I said I bought it for the house, really I bought it for me. I've wanted one for ages; I think they're fascinating, and I love the idea of being able to say "Just by switching off that monitor or lightbulb or dishwElite_Flatasher we're saving tons of money", and also so that I could sit smugly reading a book and point out that I was only using enough energy for a lightbulb (and an eco-bulb at that). It looks like this, except mine currently says £0.04 per hour. That's because Mouse has gone to bed, and the electronic playroom is switched off. 

I fully intend to see just how low we can get the reading once everything is switched off at night – obviously not including the things that run all the time, like the freezers and the central heating clock and the alarms. It'll be an interesting challenge.

I am however currently running my laptop on battery power, and it will need to be recharged at some point – and my book is an ebook, and also needs recharging. I wonder how much my multicharger costs to run?

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