Orthodontics again

Mouse and I had to go to the orthodontist this morning, so of course, on a day when I have to drive in three different directions (and in fact through three different regions) we woke up to snow. Again. This is getting really ridiculous, it was almost springlike last weekend, and now we have snow, ice and howling gales again.

Handsome admitted to having to take an alternative route to work this morning, because he slid past the turning he usually uses and was, I presume, too embarrassed to do a three point turn and go back to it. He's a proper man after all, so anything he does in a car must be right.

I found a couple of icy bits, but managed not to do anything stressful – in fact, apart from a brief moment when I thought that Wishaw Hospital's shop didn't have a Guardian it was really quite a successful morning. I even managed to get Mouse back to school before the end of period two, and myself into work by the time I'd said I would be there.

I thought Mouse was supposed to be finishing today – teeth all fixed and no further appointments needed – however, apparently we have to go back in six months so they can refit the holding bar (whatever that is) and possibly take x-rays to check everything's finally alright. I'm guessing after that there'll be yet another one to check that the check is okay… Maybe he'll be able to stop orthodontic appointments by the time he's thirty.

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