Still not fully functional

Because we live in the middle of nowhere splendid rural isolation, and had to have our very own special phone-cable pole put up so that we could get t'interweb in the first place, it is inclined to be a bit slower than perhaps it would be anywhere else. Normally I can live with this.

Tonight, Mouse has set downloads for WoW running before he went to bed (because obviously if he ran them while he was still up and using the computer it would inconvenience him, heaven forfend) , and everything is moving so slowly that I can watch each and every letter I type appear one by one, about two seconds after I have actually typed them.

It's going to take twenty minutes just to publish this, so I don't think I'm going to be putting any photos on tonight!

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One Response to Still not fully functional

  1. Katelyn says:

    I had a computer that did that! Honestly the computer was so slow I could type one sentence and walk off to get a glass of water, sometimes even a sandwich before it was finished loading it. Letter by letter.
    I think it helped me gain patience, I think.

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