too many books, not enough guitars (obviously)

If this blog was a room (an analogy someone else used recently) it would be Hairy’s room – dark and dusty with the occasional stray unwashed sock and tellingly, heaps of books everywhere. I have a lot of books on my to-be-read pile just now – some of them I was quite excited about when I got them, but just now they all look a bit worthy; I need something light and frothy, and none of them are.

Mouse and Handsome are both on holiday this week, and I’m working. I don’t have any creative or innovative new projects, just a whole load of books – about two bays-worth – to reclassify, colour code and relabel. Joy. I knew it was all getting a bit too much for me today when I found myself lining some of the books up like dominoes on the central table and toppling them. Unfortunately books don’t fall quite like dominoes and I just ended up with books all over the floor – exactly at the moment when the Network Manager walked in to talk to me…

Usually I love books.

On a somewhat more cheerful and less self-pitying note, after work today I took Mouse down to the local music shop to have a look for his birthday present. The shop goes by the wonderful name of The Lutherie, and it’s an amazing Aladdin’s cave of (mostly) stringed instruments. They’re hung on the walls, stacked on the floor, and three-deep in the windows. There are ukuleles; every shape, size and colour of guitar; fiddles in stunning colours (and sometimes shapes) – and about two feet square of floor space, so you have to balance yourself in corners, whilst attempting not to knock anything over, if anyone wants to get past.

And then, just as you’ve got yourself sorted, their dog barrels out from behind the counter with it’s squeaky toy – where are you supposed to throw it?

I’d suggested that Handsome took him down during the day, but he declined, claiming that he didn’t know enough about guitars. If I’m being honest I would have been quite disappointed if they had gone without me – I don’t know much about guitars either but I relied on Mouse knowing what he wanted and the very helpful people in the shop being able to sort that out in a practical way (the dog didn’t help at all, apart from providing entertainment while Mouse was busy). Mouse found himself a perch – I’m not sure what he was actually sitting on – and tried out several acoustic guitars, some in our price range and some very definitely not in our price range, and he eventually decided on one which was not too far outside and offered me some of his savings towards it. We’ll go get it on Saturday – and then I’ll have to wrap it up (I have experience in wrapping guitars, I’ve done it before) and make it look like something else – a big book possibly?

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