Rites of passage and midges at sunset

One of Mouse’s birthday presents (another early one because of the dates involved) was apair of tickets for the Flobots concert in Glasgow. I had no qualms whatsoever about him and BF going to a concert together, they are nearly-seventeen and almost-eighteen respectively, but neither of them has a particularly good record with public transport, and Sunday night public transport is even more difficult than usual. So Handsome and I took them to Glasgow, and dropped them near enough to the venue that they could find iteasily, and far enough away that it didn’t look as though they were being dropped off by kindly adults.

Then we had to decide what to do with ourselves for three hours on a Sunday night in Glasgow… we’d already looked and decided that there was nothing we wanted to see at the cinema; the Glasgow climbing wall closes at six pm on Sundays, and there was a (happy) medium on at the Concert Hall – not really our thing – so we decided to take a run up to Loch Lomond and watch the sun set – and take photos of course.

It was rather glorious, although midgey enough (even in April) to ensure that we kept moving. We saw a (very) few West Highland Way walkers, and had a bit of a reminisce, which proved largely that we remembered very different things! Handsome was absolutely stunned that I had never driven up the road from Balmaha to Rowardennan – I’ve always walked the WHW along the lochside rather than driving – and having now driven up it, although it’s a lovely run, I’d still much rather walk.

After we watched the sun go down completely, we headed back for Glasgow to pick up the boys – they both appear to have had fun, even BF, who had only listened to three and a half Flobots songs before…

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