Knee display

I picked up Hairy and Blossom from the station this morning so that we could go and sort out a skirt kilt for Hairy for the upcoming family wedding. Blossom is very keen on Hairy wearing a kilt – I wonder if she’s looked closely at his knees? Mouse and Handsome have both decided on smart suits (although Mouse insisted on a yellow tie, luckily Papa lent him one, with penguins, as I couldn’t really justify buying a yellow tie). I have not yet got anything to wear to this occasion… but I do have a shopping trip tomorrow, so I’m hopeful that I will have soon.

Kilt-fitting is a hilarious spectator-sport – by the time he’d been turned around several times, had lots of different bits of him measured, been made to admit that he didn’t know his shoe size (although both Blossom and I did), and done the kneeling down thing – all with a very serious kilt expert – I was just about ready to collapse in giggles. I managed not to, but it was a close thing.

Now all I have to deal with is Mouse’s determination to go to this wedding in a smart suit, shirt and tie and converse trainers. Maybe if I insist on black converse I’ll win?

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