The pink 6a is called “bacon”

Tomorrow we go back to work after Easter – for all of three days before we have another long weekend (royal wedding and Mayday). It’ll make three short working weeks in a row. Ah well, more time for climbing…

Usually we have to climb after work, which means I’m already tired, and we’re time constrained by having to get home in time to feed Mouse before he gnaws off his own elbow. But on lovely, lovely holidays we can be there at opening time, when hardly anyone else is there, and climb until we can’t climb any more. Well, to be fair, usually that’s me that can’t climb any more, Handsome’s normally still got a couple of 6bs left in him.

Today there were so few people in that we could choose to climb whatever we wanted. I didn’t manage anything new, but I got further up a pink 6a than I have before and I cracked a difficult move on a yellow 5+, and generally I felt that I was climbing quite neatly, which is a good feeling. Handsome got all the way up a difficult red 6b, with only one small hiccup when I had to hold on tight whilst he fell off repositioned himself on the wall. It was a good session. Hopefully we’ll be able to go on Friday too – the receptionist assured me that they would be providing royal wedding avoidance shelter all day.

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