but surely it isn’t compulsory?

I have been forced to take a holiday tomorrow, because my place of work is closed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind having an extra day’s holiday at all – although I would quite like to choose when I have it – and I really don’t mind people getting married if they want to, I’m just not convinced that the means justifies the end.

Not being hugely interested in watching people who aren’t family or friends getting married means that I’m effectively barred from watching television, reading the newspapers or listening to the radio at the moment – and presumably for the next few days after the event as well, I’m assuming there’ll be an after-party break-down. I particularly enjoyed a quote I read today (can’t remember where) from a nine-year-old. It went along the lines of “So she’s wearing a dress, I wore a dress last Saturday, it’s not amazing.” I feel a bit like that about the whole thing.

So, I’ve made wedding avoidance plans for the whole weekend – I’m checking out a new cattery, taking the car in for it’s MOT, getting my hair and Mouse’s hair cut, sorting out the bills, delivering stuff to Hairy and Blossom in their new flat in Glasgow, visiting a food fair (oh yes) and having dinner with Mama and Papa. And climbing, I’m doing lots and lots of climbing!

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