just checking they’re ok

We visited Hairy and Blossom today in their new flat in Glasgow (when I say ‘visited’, I really mean ‘did delivery run of stuff Hairy left at home and needed’). Blossom really did very well finding it – it’s rather nice for student accommodation, although strictly speaking, it isn’t. It’s just a small flat, in an area which appears to be mostly family oriented. It’s fully furnished and well appointed (their cutlery and crockery matches for goodness sake) and everything seems to work, although Handsome had to show them how to switch on their boiler. It even has night-time economy settings on their boiler and heaters.

Thinking back, Handsome and I had a variety of residences while we were at university, some separate, some shared. None of them were really any more than just about acceptable, but then neither of us had many parental visits – we’d both moved quite a long way from home. Probably just as well when I think back, at least one of my flats had the kind of mould that has taken generations to grow – and it covered all four walls and the ceiling of the bathroom. One of them had a dark (no light bulb), dank and creepy cellar with no door at the top. I never went down those stairs. In fact, I don’t think any of us went down those stairs! My actual hall of residence room in first year regularly had ice on the inside of the windows in winter, and I don’t remember ever cleaning the bathroom in the house we shared in my final year – maybe someone else did it? Probably not!

Blossom had made chocolate chip cookies and cheese straws for us – I hope she makes Hairy clean the bathroom if she’s doing the cooking!

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