Blue Tuesday

Handsome has abandoned me for three days to go on a course. He’s only in Glasgow, a mere hour’s drive down the motorway, but he’s not allowed to come home overnight (there are after-dinner speakers and workshops), so I’m almost alone in the house. Apart from Mouse and the cat that is. Neither of them are much company – the cat is trying to work out how to get to the starlings nesting in the guttering, and Mouse is slowing down my internet access again.

He has Higher English on Friday, and I’m far more stressed about it than he is; I’m trying to convince myself that it’s a good thing that he’s not stressed… Obviously it’s a good thing that he’s not stressed, but surely some small sign of concern would be more normal? Tomorrow is his last day of school before x-box leave study leave – when he goes back to school in June, after all his exams, he’ll be in sixth year.

Soon when Handsome goes away on courses or expeditions I’ll only have the cat for company.

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