twenty metres in eight seconds

We climbed early today, because the speed climbing competition (European Youth Cup at Eica this weekend) was starting at four thirty. The plan was to be leaving about then, before the place got busy. Then we decided that perhaps we’d stay and watch the first few. Then we moved a bench and sat down, because after watching two or three climbs we were hooked… we decided to leave after the ladies’ climbs. Then I decided that I’d like to watch the blokes climb too, so we stayed a bit longer!

In my (our) defence, it’s an amazing thing to watch, these youngsters throwing themselves up an outward leaning twenty metre climb with only a few well-spaced out star-holds to grab. And they really do throw themselves up – several competitors had both hands off the wall – it looks like they’re running up the walls.


Handsome pointed out that if he was climbing it the clock would need to run in days rather than seconds (and fractions of seconds); I suspect that I couldn’t get up the speed wall at all without a ladder, or their handy spider-climber. However, I did get to the top of the tower tonight (thirty metres) despite several of the holds spinning under my feet. I’m quietly proud of that, particularly the bit where I managed to swing myself over the overhang without feeling like a flying hippo.

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