Changing the skyline

It’s odd how something that has been the same forever can change so suddenly – on the crest of the hill leading from our house there were, until yesterday, a pair of trees. Because of where they were, nestled into the corner of a drystone dyke and just at the point where the road bent and the hill peaked, they were very visible from all directions. That view has been the same since we moved into this house, presumably it has been the same for many more years than that.

Yesterday, in huge gale-force winds one of the trees blew down (and broke into chunks all over the road). Last night when I came home I was too busy trying to avoid large lumps of tree everywhere to really notice, but this morning when Handsome was driving I thought that it made the remaining tree look really lonely… Somehow there’s a difference between a pair of trees on a windswept hill and a solitary one.

More worryingly, at work part of the roof is currently unsafe – however, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the inside of the building, no leaks or draughts yet – and we have enough entrances and exits to the building to allow people to avoid the bit directly beneath the damage. They can’t fix the roof until the wind drops enough to safely put people on the roof (not a job I’d fancy even with a climbing harness). But this too has changed the skyline, the relevant bit of roof is right at the top of the building, and it has curled upward and outward – it looks like a half opened yoghurt!

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