librarian’s son

Yesterday Mouse emptied and rearranged his bookshelves, by author, and with complete series in order on the shelf. He’s distraught because he won’t have room for the next Michael Grant book on the same shelf as the others.

Today Mouse went into sixth year and into a new school day structure, with seven periods and no registration. He willingly admitted to being totally confused for most of the day. He’s had a few shocks – his English teacher spent the period giving them the whole work load for the year; the new music pieces he has are not friendly and accessible (I couldn’t even sight-read the melody for one of them in my head) and the guitar piece he has to work on for next week is in six/eight time. His Psychology course won’t start until September, so he and the other two students doing that will have extra study periods until then, but he plans to spend some of those getting his UCAS statement perfect (he says) and going through the standard grade Business Management course, because he’s doing a crash Higher…

I think he’s given himself quite a task this year.

However, he’s really cheerful about it all, and obviously very happy to be back at school with those of his mates who are still there. Some of them will have left, and one of his band-mates is changing to another school. Very few of his friends will be in classes with him this year because of the subjects he has chosen, but he seems to be okay with the people who are in classes with him (possibly because they appear to be mostly female).

And now I need to go and order some books – psychology texts, Tennessee Williams plays, and some dystopian novels (1984, Brave New World, Handmaid’s Tale, Fahrenheit 451). We actually have most of these in the house, but I don’t want him to use our copies because he’ll write all over them, stick post-it notes in until the look like paper sculptures, and fold the pages over.

You’d think I could have trained him better.

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