water and horses but not kelpies

I’m very proud of myself tonight, I worked out how to fix the downpipe for the water-butt. This may seem trivial, but it’s been very annoying to watch the water pouring down the outside of the thing whenever we have rain, but then having to fill it up with the hose because there’s not enough water in it to water the greenhouse… It wasn’t even straightforward to fix, I had to take bits of pipe to pieces and rearrange them in a different order (like one of those kid’s maths puzzles).

Of course, it hasn’t rained since.

While I was playing Pipe Mania in the real world, and wondering if all the pieces were going to go back together, or whether I was going to have to admit to Handsome what I’d done, a girl rode past on a horse – not an uncommon sight here, but it was quite unusual to see her chatting at the top of her voice (presumably to be heard over the hooves) on her mobile. If that’s illegal in a car, shouldn’t it be illegal on a horse? She was both on the public highway and in control of the vehicle. Can you call a horse a vehicle?

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