cars – real and imaginary

I’ve been driving the little Yaris this week, while Handsome has been away on a school trip. I actually prefer it when it’s just me toodling in and out of work; I feel, quite illogically, like I’m taking up less space. But I have to honestly admit that it has no oomph at all, so it’s good not to be in a hurry. I quite like that as well. Tonight I drove home from work, and parked on the main street and the car that had followed me all the way along the Lang Whang pulled in behind me, as we both got out of our cars he cheerfully said to me ‘You need to put new batteries in that!’

Mouse had a sixth year induction day today, that seems to have involved a lot of problem solving and game playing at Biggar Rugby Club – he’s had an amazing time and is full of stories and chat tonight. His favourite bit was where they had to make a car out of a group of people, drive it down the field, around the roundabout and then back up the field whilst keeping the ‘car’ together. Mouse was a wheel, so he had to do synchronised forward rolls (along with the other wheels) – he says they had a bonnet (incorporating windscreen wipers and indicators), a seat and seatbelt, bonnet, back bumper, driver and a car radio! There were about sixty kids and five cars all racing down the field at once – it must have been hilarious for the onlookers.

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